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About Me

Shanda Venneau is dedicated to capturing images of golf courses, charities, and corporate settings in their finest light. Her tournament photography leaves a lasting impression on participants as her photos capture the spirit of fun, good will, and bonding that develops through a pleasant afternoon on the golf course.

Shanda received a Bachelor of Arts in photo-communications and a minor in political science from California State University Fullerton in 1999. Shanda has been proudly serving clients across the country since 1997. You can trust her to provide you with exceptional quality photographs along with passion and contagious enthusiasm.

Over the years, Shanda Venneau has photographed many golfers, famous athletes, and celebrities, including Tiger Woods,  Jack Nicklaus, Mike Trout,  Luc Robitaille, Bruce Jenner, and Jimmy Kimmel.

Although Shanda mainly provides photography services for clients in Southern California, she is happy to travel to any location in the country to photograph your next big golf game. 

Contact Me

Shanda  Venneau

Tel: 949-283-5926

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